Meet Christopher

My story about how dance made a difference in my life started long before I ever took my first steps on the dance floor.   I was raised by my grandparents who provided a loving home.  But when I was 17 years old they both passed away leaving me without a stable source of guidance and support.  The impact of their untimely death left me to fend for myself and the result was a predictable path of poor choices and a destructive lifestyle.  Fortunately a friend introduced me to dance. It was a fantastic way to channel my energy and provide an outlet for my sense of loss and disappointment.  It literally changed my life. 

Once I realized that dance was something I wanted to pursue professionally, I started my formal training with a dance studio where I trained four to six hours a day for several months.  My teachers were very accomplished professionals who demanded great attention to proper technique. In addition to training I was also working a full time job as well - so my days were pretty long!  After my formal training, I began to teach at Dance Elite studio where I earned Top teacher and later became manager.

In addition to teaching, I competed in many ballroom completions where I earned a Top studio award at the Boleros Grand Challenge, and in 2008 Top Teacher at the US Pro Am Dance Championships.

While your story may not be as dramatic as mine I hope and pray that you will find the joy and happiness that I found through the expression of dance.  As one of my students has said, “it is not only therapeutic for the body but its therapy for the soul”!   I look forward to introducing you to hopefully a new venture that will be sure to bring you some very “Happy Feet”